What is Patient Direct?

Patient Direct is the NEW patient ordering platform brought to you by Standard Process.

How It Works

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All you have to do is meet with your health care professional at Cornerstone Progressive Health to develop a Standard Process supplement plan that is right for you.

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From there, the online purchase process is swift and smooth. When your plan is in place, Patient Direct gives you access to order the supplements you need, when you need them.

Get Started

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Ask your health care professional for the Patient Direct code. The above code is for sample only from the Patient Direct Brochure.

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Go to the Patient Direct portal at Standard Process. Complete the application.

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Order your Standard Process supplements online, and start on your path to a healthier life.

Download the Patient Direct FAQs

Need to order your Standard Process supplements recommended to you by Cornerstone? Login to Patient Direct Portal below*

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*Ask your health care professional for the Patient Direct code. Download the Patient Direct Brochure here to learn more about Patient Direct ordering.

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