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Laser Energetic Detoxification, LED Treatments, and Biophotons

Laser Energetic Detoxification speeds up the detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals, balances your neurotransmitters and hormonal system, directs nutrients to target tissue, supports healthy immune system function, and much more!

Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) was originally developed in Germany and further refined by Dr. Lee Cowden, one of the most respected names worldwide in bio-energetic medicine. How does it work? LED is an enhanced method of applying homeopathic frequencies to the body in order to speed up the clearance of toxins and other issues from the body identified through Autonomic Response Testing (ART).

laser energetic detox at CPH Omaha cornerstone progressive healthWhile conventional liquid homeopathic treatments are taken sublingually or topically, in LED the frequencies are directed into the body’s meridian network along the path of a laser beam (similar to a laser pointer). A laser beam is passed through a glass vial containing a single or combination of homeopathic frequencies “sweeping” over the clients hands, feet, ears and entire body to access as many acupuncture points on the body as possible (paths of least resistance). Toxins, allergens, auto immunities and even infections may be addressed.

While LED is non-invasive, and itself does not involve the administration of chemical substances, it’s potential to detoxify should not be underestimated. LED has the power to mobilize toxic agents from one place in the body where they are causing only mild harm (i.e. fat stores), to organs where they can cause much harm. For this reason patients are placed on a strict detox support protocol to minimize the likelihood of detox reactions (chills, asthmatic or allergic reaction, etc.).

LED itself takes no more than 3 to 5 minutes and is combined with other detoxification measures to ensure the elimination of the mobilized toxins. Our experience has been that it has markedly reduced the typical cost and time commitment that the average patient has had to make compared to the previous protocols that we used to employ before we started using this modality. Most patients will need 3 to 5 sessions to clear major toxins and perhaps 6 to 10 to clear minor additional conditions.

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