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Our story begins at conception as we record the life events that occur in utero whether good or bad.

These different events in our parents’ lives or our lives (once born) may leave an emotional imprint in our bodies causing a weakness allowing for illness to occur at some point. Spiritual and emotional conflicts are common co-factors in many chronic and acute conditions. Examples of emotional conflicts include: being separated from a loved one, job loss, divorce, childhood abuse, bitterness, post traumatic stress, catastrophes, etc.

Addressing These Issues Vital Healing

We incorporate the works of Dr. Hamer (German New Medicine) , Dr. Claude Sabbagh (Total Biology), Dr. Gilbert Renaud (Recall Healing – Unlocking the secrets of illness),  and Isabelle Benarous (Bio-Reprogramming) so that we can help identify and resolve any emotional patterns associated with the symptoms/illness.

Bottom line: We want to get the issues out of your tissues.


The Science Behind Recall Healing: How The Mind Works

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