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Collagen Induction Therapy – Dermaroller

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dermaroller therapy to improve scars, wrinkles, and skin texture.

The Dermaroller® therapy is one of the most successful minimal invasive treatment concepts providing an improvement of the skin texture, particularly to every type of scars.

The method of micro-needling is established for several years as a gentle and safe method for skin tightening, improving skin texture and scar therapy. It has found his way by the term collagen induction therapy (CIT) or percutaneous collagen therapy (PCI) into the medical literature. The collagen induction therapy has proven to be a quasi side-effect free form of treatment to improve skin structure.

Dermaroller® was invented by the founder of the company Horst Liebl and was patented in 2000. Dermaroller GmbH is a makes and markets medicines and health care consumer products, specialized in the manufacturing of micro needles. The manufacturing process of our micro needles is in full compliance with the rules and legislation of the medical products and the European Standards 93/42. Our company has been approved and certified, for the manufacturing and sale of all our products according to ISO-134845 and CE Standards (European Conformity).

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It has been well over 20 years since I began my medical “adventure” with doctors who practice alternative medicine- I was allergic to most foods, many environmental things-you name it, I was allergic to it. I have been addressing all health issues with the assistance of the alternative doctors and am here to testify that it has made a huge difference in my life, my well-being, my energy level. It has been like “peeling an onion”- uncovering layer upon layer of things that needed to be cleared out of my body. Cornerstone Progressive Health recommended that I take LED treatments, which I started in January of 2007. In February 2008, I took what may very well be my last one needed- at least for some time to come. Many, many toxins have been removed from my body, as well as all heavy metals. I am now functioning so well that after all these years. I no longer am taking allergy antigen of any kind-have had no need for that for well over 3 months and am doing fine. I thank God for what Cornerstone’s staff and LED have done for me – I never thought I would ever be free of the need for some kind of allergy antigen- but I am! I highly recommend it!

~ C.M.

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