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Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing

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The “bi-digital O-ring test” (BDORT) was developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura MD, ScD in 1977.

Dr. Omura found that abnormalities of the body can cause weakening of a person’s grip strength. This is measured by forming an O-ring with the thumb and one of the remaining fingers, most commonly the ring finger.

This test was devised from the study of clinical kinesiology which is the science of muscle and joint movement. Through this feedback system of muscle testing, we can uncover specific energetic imbalances or physiological disturbances in your body. It also informs us of the health status of various organs and energetic pathways (meridians). By asking the body specific questions, the body will respond with either a strong or weak response. A strong response is interpreted as something favorable, a weak response is interpreted as something unfavorable.

There are multiple abstracts discussing the BDORT on PubMed. You can also view this informative video at bdort.org.

When you come to our office for your first visit, you will undergo an evaluation using the BDORT. This technique allows us to access information on what supplements you specifically need, where the current “weak” areas of function are, and what layers of toxicity we need to focus on. It gives us guidance in what laboratory testing will give us the most value. This technique also helps us to determine which supplements are best and most effective for you. The BDORT technique will be repeated at each visit to accommodate your changing nutritional needs.

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