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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

No, we are strictly a cash basis office in that you can pay for your services via cash, credit card, or check. We do not file your insurance; however we will supply you with an invoice which has all of the necessary CPT and ICD.9 codes to enable the insurance company to process your claim. The best route for you to take is to get a list of frequently used codes from us prior to your first visit and present them to your insurance claims handlers to see if they will cover the charges. Please ask for this list at the time you make your appointment.

Each policy is different. It would be best to get in touch with your claims representative or to familiarize your self with your policy booklet. Most insurance companies have an “in network” and “out of network” plan. Inform them that we are an “out of network provider.” Many companies will consider the doctor’s charges but not the supplements so it is advantageous for you to be informed ahead of time. Our supplements are described as “prescriptive supplementation” (CPT code 99070). These products can only be obtained by Practitioners of the Healing Arts and therefore, are not available to the general public. It is up to your insurance plan as to what will be covered.

We are open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you need to contact someone outside of those hours, you may leave a message. Messages are responded to on a daily basis. If messages are left over the weekend, Fri – Sun, they will be responded to as the medical situation demands.

Yes, we have several different programs to assist patients with their CPH medical cost.

  • Family plan – allows family members of current patients to get a discount on their initial office visit when seen by our Physician Assistant Kari Halweg.
  • New Referral – a $50.00 Credit to your account for referring a new patient to the clinic. Credit can be used on future office visits or purchases. (effective 8/1/07)
  • Senior Discount – Qualifies patients 70 years young to receive a 30% discount on their office visits and selected treatments.
  • Pastoral Program – A special program for clergy that allows complimentary office visits and selected treatments. (Approval prior to participation).

Our clinic focuses on treating the entire person. This includes not only the physical aspect, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual elements. We know that what affects one part of the body ends up affecting another part and that by treating only the symptoms, you often miss the true essence of the source of the problem.

Homeopathy, one of the oldest and most common forms of treating illness around the world, (except in the United States), was founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, (1755-1843). Now in the US, the most common forms of treatment are drugs followed by surgery. Homeopathy uses the idea that like attracts like. If a person has trouble with a specific irritant, if you administer that same irritant in microscopic doses, the result will have a drawing effect and a lessening of the original irritant. The results are safe with no side effects.

Dr. Andrew Still (1828 – 1917) developed the study of osteopathy. He discovered that by using his hands, he could gently manipulate the body to help restore the body’s own natural circulation. Once this is restored the body can do what it does best, and that is to heal itself. The education is the same as it is for an allopathic physician, except more, since osteopaths also learn manipulation techniques.

Several respected physician organizations sponsor educational courses in the proper administration of EDTA Chelation. The American College of Advancement in Medicine publishes a physician’s protocol for the safe and effective method of intravenous treatment with EDTA. This protocol is used in the training courses and in a certification program for chelating physicians.

The general public is not fully aware that many people who have had one bypass surgery, may later need a second bypass. Chelation is equally as effective in patients who have previously undergone one or more bypass operations or balloon procedures. With proper diet, exercise, a nutritional supplement program and periodic maintenance Chelation treatments, patients can usually go many years without suffering further heart attacks and circulatory problems.

Many nutritional substances administered by mouth are known to have weak chelating properties. Nutrients such as vitamin C and the amino acid cysteine have the ability to mildly chelate metals. However, to label nutritional supplements containing vitamins and amino acids as “oral chelation” is misleading. EDTA by mouth is not adequate to treat established disease, although preventive and maintenance benefits might be obtained by that route.

Yes, the chelating agent, EDTA, is a prescribed medication, and can only be ordered by a physician and administered by an R.N.