Learn More About the 7 Hindrances to Healing

What Happens at a Visit?

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Upon scheduling your initial appointment, you will want to fill out our informational packet including forms to complete with respect to your medical history.

Your initial appointment will last approximately 90 minutes. Once your history is taken the remainder is spent evaluating you for the 7 Hindrances to Healing and discussing a potential plan of care.

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You will also receive an osteopathic evaluation and treatment for physical traumas that may be preventing you from healing. You will want to allow an additional 30 minutes during the checkout process to review your plan of care, patient education on supplements and any questions you may have. Follow-up visits are usually every 4-6 weeks, but may be sooner or later depending on your specific needs.

Individual bodies heal at different rates depending on age, gender, genetics, level of toxicity and current nutritional state. Therefore, the number of visits it will take a person to get well will depend on how quickly your body does the work. A general guideline is one month for every year you have had a condition. Most patients experience improvement within the first 3-4 months after starting treatment. It is important to remember, we are not treating symptoms–we are helping your body to correct the imbalances that created the symptoms. Our goal is to help you achieve long term healing and freedom–not dependence on medications.

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