Learn More About the 7 Hindrances to Healing

Conditions We Treat

osteopathy, osteopathic doctor, omaha, nebraska, cornerstone progressive healthWe treat the entire person, rather than treating specific illnesses and symptoms.

Illness and symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that there is an imbalance present. Our goal is to determine and correct the underlying reason for the imbalance, not just treat the symptoms.

We have found that there are seven major hindrances that cause imbalance in the body and keep us from healing. These include: heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, chronic infections, nutrient deficiencies, physical trauma, emotional/spiritual stress, and electromagnetic/geopathic field stress.

We determine the remedies and treatments that are specific to your body to correct nutrient deficiencies and detoxify your body of the toxic hindrances. These include, but are not limited to: homeopathy, bio-therapeutic drainage, biodynamically grown herbs, physiologically active nutrients, diet modification, lymphatic treatments, osteopathic treatments, biofeedback, saunas and IV therapies. These treatments work with your body’s natural healing processes to restore balance and eliminate symptoms. We have treated people with many conditions including the following: allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism spectrum disorders, alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebral palsy, chronic back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, eczema, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infertility, menopausal symptoms and migraines. (We are trained to support patients with all types of conditions).

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