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About Cornerstone Progressive Health

Cornerstone progressive health, omaha, nebraskaCornerstone Progressive Health is an innovative health and wellness center which was established in 2000.

Our physicians are trained in osteopathic and functional medicine – specializing in cranial osteopathy, homeopathy, clinical metal toxicology, and functional nutrition.

Our mission is to provide a center where our patients experience physical, mental and emotional healing. We do this by providing the most advanced treatments available that support the body’s own ability to heal. We believe that the body was created with the ability to heal itself, given that it has the necessary nutrients present and all toxic hindrances removed.

Expanding from a one-physician office, our clinic now provides physician services, a variety of supportive treatments, and the IV Therapy Center. We currently staff two osteopathic physicians, one nurse, and treatment specialists.



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I feel so very blessed to have experienced the loving care of the medical and support staff at CPH.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning. My symptoms were those associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome: constant headaches, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, digestive problems, unrelenting fatigue, etc. In short, I was a mess!

The Cornerstone Progressive Health doctor prescribed supplements, natural remedies, and other treatments for me. Yes, I had my ups and downs and was often tempted to “chuck it all”. Gradually, however, I started to feel better and better. Had it not been for the support and encouragement of the entire staff, I’d be right back to my old fatigued self.

Now, I have a positive attitude and renewed outlook concerning my health. I’m maintaining a healthy diet and exercise. My stamina has improved and my energy has increased. Most importantly, though, I have regained my sense of well being.

Thank you, Cornerstone ---------All of you!