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Cornerstone Progressive Health

Break Free And Step Up To Wellness

A Center Where People Experience Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Healing

7 hindrances to healing, 7 barriers to healing

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Learn About the 7 Hindrances to Healing

Toxic Metals, Chemicals, Nutrition, Infections, Emotions, Electromagnetic Fields, Physical Dysfunction

Cornerstone Progressive Health & Wellness, Omaha, NE

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Support For the Body to Heal Itself

Remedies, Treatments, Nutrition and Education to Aid Healing

detoxification, detoxify, detox programs at cornerstone progressive health, Omaha

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Help Getting the Toxins Out of Your Life

A Variety of Detoxification Programs Available

Emotional Healing Health Sources at Cornerstone Progressive Health Omaha Nebraska

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Clearing the Conflicts & Emotional Stresses That Are Common Cofactors In Many Conditions

osteopathy, osteopathic wellness, Omaha Nebraska

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Cranial Osteopathy

Homeopathy, Bio-therapeutic Drainage, Lymphatic Treatments, and IV Therapies, Diet Modification, Biofeedback, Saunas

Weight loss, weight management, diets, food plans - Omaha, Nebraska

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Weight Reduction, Diet & Nutrition Programs

GAPS™ Diet, Page Food Plan, HCG, Supplements, and Patient Education on Nutrition

Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Wellness for all ages at Omaha Nebraska

Cornerstone Progressive Health

Wellness for the Whole Family

Treating the Entire Person, Not Just Illnesses and Symptoms

Learn More About the 7 Hindrances to Healing

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Cornerstone progressive health, omaha, nebraska
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About Cornerstone

Our clinic provides physician services, a variety of supportive treatments, and an IV Therapy Center. We currently staff skilled nurses, a Treatment Specialist, a Nutrition Consultant, a Medical Assistant and more...
7 hindrances to healing, cornerstone progressive health, omaha, nebraska
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The 7 Hindrances

We at Cornerstone Progressive Health have found that there are seven major hindrances causing imbalance in the body that keep us from healing. These include toxic metals, chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, chronic infections, and others. Learn more...
osteopathy, osteopathic doctor, omaha, nebraska, cornerstone progressive health
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Conditions We Treat

Illness and symptoms are the body's way of communicating that there is an imbalance present. Our goal is to determine and correct the underlying reason for the imbalance, not just treat the symptoms. Learn more...

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to provide a center where people experience physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
OUR VISION is to provide the most advanced treatments that supply the body's own ability to heal.
OUR VALUES are: - Using remedies and treatments that are compatible with your body to correct nutrient deficiencies and remove toxic hindrances.

  • Using nutrient dense, life-giving, food as a mode of prevention and treatment.
  • Placing a priority on patient education and fostering independence from chronic reliance on health practitioners.
  • Providing avenues for emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Providing a community where patients can educate patients.
  • Providing a community for local farmers to share their products with people.

The Standard Process Purification Program

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements

Our 5 year old son had 4 large painful warts, three on his feet and one on his finger. Cornerstone Progressive Health offered to try the new LED technique to see if it would help eliminate the warts. After 2 ½ weeks taking the drops orally and applying it to his warts they have completely gone.
I had a double bypass 30 years ago. I stopped smoking, started exercising and cut down on meat and other fats. It was 20 years before I needed an angioplasty which did not work. I switched to natural medicine with EDTA slow drip Chelation. After 10 years, I do not test positive for any blocked arteries. Since retiring, I got out my old trombone from high school days and joined the New Horizon Band which qualifies for aerobic exercise. It has definitely added to my quality and enjoyment of life. I am still working on the affects of old mercury amalgams.
Break Free And Step Up To Wellness!